TMW Hockey is part of the Trinity Sanderstead Sports and Social Club which is a Community Amateur Sports Club. Below is a summary of the details of the TSSSC and how it impacts member clubs.

Trinity Sanderstead Sports and Social Club

A summary for club members

  1. In order to continue to benefit from a substantial reduction in business rates, it was decided last year to establish a new company, Trinity Sanderstead Sports and Social Club, which will be eligible for the status of a Community Amateur Sports Club, or CASC.
  2. A CASC is entitled to various tax benefits similar to a charity. In particular, it is automatically granted an 80% rebate on business rates. The TMWA has received such a rebate for many years, but this has been at the discretion of Croydon Council. The Council decided a couple of years ago that it could no longer afford to give that rebate on a discretionary basis. However, CASCs receive the benefit, but it is financed centrally, and so the Council has no problem with allowing it. This rebate is currently worth £11,635 each year.
  3. To be eligible for CASC status the club has to comply with a number of rules. Firstly, membership must be fully open, with no restrictions as to committee membership etc. Secondly, as it is primarily for sports clubs, a majority of the membership must be active players or umpires or officials.
  4. It is expected that TSSSC will start operation on 1st October 2015. The existing TMWA clubs of cricket, rugby, and hockey together with the Mitre Players are expected to become members of TSSSC which, for continuity reasons, will initially be managed by a committee consisting of many of the current members of Council, including the clubs’ chairmen, together with a second member from each club. After a year there will be an AGM of the TSSSC, at which stage every position on the management committee will be open for nominations from the membership.
  5. TSSSC will take over the management of the clubhouse and the playing fields, and be responsible for everything at Sanderstead with the exception of the bar. The bar will continue to be operated by TMWA, but the bar profits will be transferred to TSSSC in order to help finance the Sanderstead running costs.
  6. All members of TSSSC will automatically be members of the TMWA, and thus eligible to use the bar just as they do at present. All TMWA members who are not members of TSSC will continue to be eligible to use the bar and other facilities at Sanderstead.
  7. TMWA will continue to operate but will focus on alumni activities and relations with Trinity School, as well as running the bar at Sanderstead. It will have no role in running the affairs of the TSSSC, except as a source of finance through areas such as subscriptions, bar profit, fund raisers, etc.
  8. These changes have been developed in conjunction with the Whitgift Foundation (our landlords) and Trinity School, and they have been very supportive.

What will this mean for the clubs?

  1. Each club will need to amend its bye-laws to remove any restrictions on membership.
  2. Every senior member (over 18) of a club will be eligible for election to any position on the club committee or on the TSSSC Management Committee.
  3. Each club will need to ensure their members are registered as members of TSSSC, and categorised as either playing or non playing members.