Team Selection

During the hockey season the club has weekly matches every Saturday. Selection is carried out by the team secretary and team captains on a weekly basis. Here’s what goes on every week:

  • Registration – If you haven’t registered for the club mailing list then add your email address here. If you are interested in becoming a member of the club please get in touch here.
  • Availability – We send out an availability form by email at least a week before each game. Fill this is as soon as you receive it and definitely before Monday evening EVEN IF YOU CAN’T PLAY OR ARE INJURED.
  • Selection – the Team Secretary and Team Captains discuss on Monday evening the likely make up of the teams for the weekend.
  • Team Sheet – we try to email out the Team Sheet after Training on Wednesday. If there is a problem please contact your captain on the team sheet IMMEDIATELY. If you have not received the team sheet by Friday, contact a captain or
  • The Matches – please check the meet time and push back time on the Team Sheet. For away matches if it is easier for you to go straight to the opposition’s ground then let your captain know beforehand. All players should be at the astro at least half an hour before push back time.
  • Match Fees – pay the match fee to your captain after the game (unless you are a colt who pays annually).
  • The Social – come back to the club house briefly after the game to vote for Man of the Match and Champagne moment and have a drink with the team.