New Rules for 2015

New hockey rules have been released for the 2015-16 season by the FIH:

  • Aerials – The ability to play the ball with the stick above the shoulder
  • Green Cards – A green card indicating a temporary suspension of two minutes of playing time
  • Defending Penalty Corners – Breaking at penalty corners, where the offending player(s) shall be required to go beyond the centre-line
  • Long corners – When the ball is played unintentionally by a defender or deflected by a goalkeeper over the backline, play will be re-started by the attacking team with the ball on the 23 metres line and in line with where it crossed the back-line. The ball cannot be played directly into the D. This replaces the (long) corner.
  • Attacking Free Hits – Where an attacking free hit is awarded within 5 metres of the circle this will now be taken from the point of the offence rather than having to take the ball back to the 5 metres dotted line.

Also note:

  • For our level, matches will remain at 35min halves rather than moving to the international 15min quarters.
  • Umpires cannot now move play up 10m

Here is a really useful walk-through with videos: 

And here is the full set of rules:

Umpiring Course

UmpireThere’s an umpire’s course being held on Sun 18th May at PWs HC.

I have managed to get Surrey to run a local umpiring course. They have just sent the following details.
Several people have shown an interest in this so please have a look at the England Hockey website from Friday morning (4th Apr). I think the cost will be £50. For those happy to get involved in doing some umpiring for our games I am prepared to help with the cost if you need. Please write to me at

It is a one day course and needs to be followed by an assessment at some point to complete the qualification.§ionTitle=Find+a+Course