Summer Hockey Success

Throughout July and August, the Mids have been playing in the summer hockey tournament at Royal Russell School. The team has been selected on a first come first served basis with a wide range of players from 1st XI to 4th XI all being represented.

Results against the local clubs have gone well in the league stages, winning four out of six of the matches.

Trinity Mids WON 8 1 Kenley
Trinity Mids WON 3 2 Addiscombe
Trinity Mids WON 1 0 Croydon Whits
Trinity Mids WON 14 1 Croydon Whits
Trinity Mids LOST 2 4 Addiscombe
Trinity Mids LOST 0 2 Kenley

These results see us second in the table behind Addiscome who have won five of their six games. Croydon Whits follow behind with Kenley at the bottom of the table.

Next week sees the Semi-Finals between Trinity Mids vs. Croydon Whits and Addiscombe vs. Kenley to see who will play the final and the third-place match the week after. Hopefully the team can keep up their winning ways, especially now that training starts this Wednesday.

3rd XI Match Report vs Purley

Lost 0-2 The match against Purley Walcountians saw the 3s play their best league hockey of the season but still come out with nothing to show for it. There was a real desire to get stuck in and the first half flew by with the Mids taking a lot of pressure but counter attacking with the best chances of a high quality 35 minutes. With Cook, Austin and Sritharan probing and Edie showing great pace, there were always going to create but unfortunately we were unable to stick one of the three good chances away. Finally Walcountians possession forced a short corner from which they opened the scoring. Armfield then produced the save of the season so far to keep it at 1-0 at half time. The second half never produced the fireworks of the first half and a second Walcountians goal early on killed the game. Despite changing the team around we couldn’t find the openings we had in the first half and although the defence kept things tight, we were always up against it and lost 2-0 in the end. Next week’s game against another pointless side will be a really interesting encounter. CM: Team

3rd XI Match Report vs Kenley

Lost 0-6 After losing to the 2s last week the 3s were determined to put that right against Kenley 2s but they hadn’t expected such a difficult physical encounter and ended up coming up second best. Kenley started brightly but solid defence kept the score at 0-0. However we found it hard to get at the opposition defence and finally succumbed to 2 short corners and another soft goal before half time. The best efforts of Fabian Seebauer and Sritharan in midfield kept the Kenley attack at bay for long periods but the half time whistle came with nothing for Mids to build on but a number of bruises to contend with. The second half proved a much better showing by the Mids with JP Seebauer and Phil Knott setting up good attacks from full back and Austin coming into the middle to really exert his authority. However the second half was overshadowed by a nasty injury to Sritharan who took a glancing blow to the head. We all wish him a very speedy recovery. Further goals from 2 more short corners and a break away gave the score an unfair look at the end with Kenley winning 6-0. The second half showed the sort of hockey the team are capable of and better things are surely not far away. MoM: JP Seebauer CM: C Thomas

2nd XI vs 3rd XI Match Report

2nd XI Won 7-1 (Clarke 4, Austin 2, Tang; C Pacey) Embarking on the first league match of the season is always source of nervousness for a captain. Starting the campaign playing against opposition from your own club in a new league turns it into a bit of a nightmare. How is the team going to play? Can we take the successes from pre-season into the league? Will we be able to continue the progress made last season? How strong will the opposition be? These were just some of the quandaries, so last Saturday’s fixture with the Mids 3rd XI was a chance to test all of those and get some answers.

For the 2nd XI this season, having been demoted last April, a top half of the table ambition should be within the team’s sights if not aiming directly for promotion. So it was imperative that the initial streak of losses from last year wasn’t repeated although with depleted numbers throughout the club, due to mostly morning matches coinciding with Trinity Open Morning and Eid, both teams had been thrown a challenge to put out fully representative sides. But such was the captain’s worry, a strong team sheet was selected and emphasis on winning well with a good performance was made clear.
With the team talk ringing in the player’s ears, the 2s started the match aggressively only to be halted in their progress by a well organised and solid opposition. For the first few periods of the game, we found ourselves defending and chasing the ball. It took some good work tracking in back in midfield to keep their attacks under control and patience from the side without the ball. As we began to gel and understand the opposition style, we began to get some success.
Phases of play that had been cultivated in training began to show through, with the ball being spread across the pitch and stretching the opposition. With a man advantage, we began to find holes and started to capitalise on some good phases of play by finding the right players in the D at the right time. With Beaker, Chris Austin and Chris Tang(?) managing to score 7 goals between them, with good defending and support play from the rest of the team, the scoreline became unrepresentative of the skill and hard work that the 3s had shown throughout the match and it was pleasing that they managed to get on the scoresheet from a short corner as it was the least they deserved. Champagne moment was awarded to Messrs. Carr and Mims for a comical level of confusion and spectacular collision as they both ran for the same ball ending in both being wiped out with the ball nowhere to be seen.
Scoreline aside, as is wasn’t fully reflective, it was incredibly pleasing as a member of the club to see a game with exciting and entertaining play from both sides and all players enjoying their hockey. I’m sure that this is a good sign of things to come for both teams this season. From the 2nd XI perspective, a first win on the board makes a good foundation for the upcoming matches where we can use the momentum and confidence to trouble our opponents and hopefully continue winning ways. 2nd XI CM: Mims & Carr, 3rd XI MoM: Sg Sritharan

3rd XI Match Report vs Goan

Won 6-1 (Edie 2, Sg Sritharan, Green, C Pacey, K Pacey) The 3s had their final friendly against Goan 1s last Saturday and produced a performance which would have beaten better sides than Goan on the day. Hopefully this can be repeated when the league starts next week. The match started with Mids passing it around reasonably but without the ball speed required to upset the opponents. Goan showed some good touches but the team spirit was not there for a sustained attack on the Mids goal. Finally Mids put the passing together and Kev Pacey finished well. Soon F. Green also scored after good work from the attack, giving us a 2-0 lead at half time. After the break the ball was passed around with more pace and it was no surprise when Edie finished a great move. Christian Pacey then added a 4th before the Mids fell asleep and gave away a series of short corners from which Goan pulled one back. Good defence from Moran and Elsworthy prevented a second Goan goal before the attack woke up again and scored two more excellent goals from Sritharan and Edie again. A final score of 6-1 showed just how good this side can be when the ball is played around with such skill. MoM: Green, CM: Thomas

3rd XI Match Report vs Cheam

Lost 1-4 (Seaman) An excellent work out for the 3s/4s team against a strong team from Cheam ended in a 4-1 defeat but we were far from disgraced particularly in the second half. Mids started strongly and their was a real enthusiasm for the ball especially from Ferrigan at right back who provided a really good outlet from the back. Fabian Seebauer showed some terrific touches on the right. With Stedman everywhere in idfield there were some early chances but we were unable to find a breakthrough. Cheam came more and more into it and for the last 15 minutes of the half dominated as Mids tired early. Two well worked short corners put Cheam 2 up at half time. We were 3 down very soon after but this only inspired a determined come back with Seaman proving a real handful upfront. With Seebauer probing and Porter fighting for every ball gradually Mids reasserted themselves and it was no surprise when Seaman pulled one back. We then went on the attack again to pull another one back but without success and eventually a Cheam break saw Mids defence out of position and a 4th goal came. Final score 1-4. Lots of positives to work on though and if we repeat that performance against league opposition, a successful season is quite possible.